Solo Launches The World's Largest Message in a Bottle

The world's largest message-in-a-bottle was released to the ocean currents outside of Tenerife on March 13th from Marina San Miguel, Canary Islands, Spain. The bottle weighs around 2.5 tons and 26 feet long bottle created by Hydrolift and Eker Design has the required navigation lights for a drifting object in international waters, not to mention solar panels, satellite-connection and tracking technology. A 140-liter fresh water tank with remote controlled nozzles will clear the lenses of the custom made camera which will upload a picture every 8 hours.

Inside the bottle is a message measuring 12 square meters. Norwegian polar explorer Jarle Andhoy had the idea for the project and it is sponsored by the Norwegian drink brand Solo. It can be followed on the internet and people can guess where it will end up.

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