World's Smallest Production Car

The worlds smallest production car was built by PEC-The Peel Engineering Company, on The Isle Of Man between 1962 and 1965. The Peel Engineering Company were originally makers of fibre-glass fairing and small boats when they turned their skills into car production. It was called the Peel P50 and first retailed for £150. It is the only car ever manufactured on the Isle of Man.

The Peel P50 was a three-wheeled microcar manufactured in 1963 and 1964 by the Manx Peel Engineering Company. It retailed for £199 when new and currently holds the record for the smallest-ever automobile to go into production. It was designed as a city car and was advertised as capable of seating "one adult and a shopping bag." The vehicle’s only door was on its left side, and equipment included a single windscreen wiper, and only one headlight. Standard colours were Daytona White, Dragon Red, and Capri Blue. The prototype for this model was referred to as the Peel P55 Saloon Scooter having one front wheel and 2 rear wheels – the opposite way round from the production Peel P50.

At just 134 cm (52.8 in) long and 99 cm (39.0 in) wide, with a weight of only 59 kg (130 lb), the car holds the record as the smallest ever automobile to go into production.

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