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Ship Fighting Giant Waves

A 13 Years Old Girl Looks Like 30

10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

There is always a list of richest people in the world, but now a days in the world of information technology, this list changes very fast. When rich people become more rich they make lavish and luxurious houses too. Enjoy the 10 most expensive and fabulous houses built by richest people of the world.

Dracula’s Castle

World's Largest Flight

Snake Eating Snake

Stuck Wreckers

How NASA Launch Shuttle into Space

10 Most Polluted Cities in the World

Pollution is a big problem in many cities around the world. It has been a serious threat to environmentalist in all developed countries. Efforts are being made to overcome the growing pollution in the world but for some cities it’s too much, and those are the ones where it hits the hardest. So if you’re a neat freak avoid these ten cities.

1. Maputo – Mozambique

The Hermitage of St. Colomban

Winter Swimming in Siberia

15 Amazing Monasteries, Sanctuaries and Abbies

Monastic architecture is often spectacular, an attribute seemingly at odds with the ascetic lifestyle of its adherents. Time is a harsh mistress and after centuries of war, religious strife and natural disasters, only the strongest - and strangest - have survived. For that at least, we may be thankful.

Meteora and The Stone Forest

Mobile Home Motorcycle

A Stunning Railway Line

Chinese Down and Outers

Top 25 Universities of the World

25. Kyoto University, Japan
University rated as 25th best university in World University Rankings. Founded in 1897, Kyoto University has deeply considered its traditions of liberal and academic freedom, educating many. We continue to actively maintain these principles, which are the foundation of academic freedom. Kyoto University places top priority on basic research, develops advanced technology leading to the acquisition of intellectual property, and then returns this knowledge to society through education, social cooperation, and the opportunity for lifelong education. Kyoto University has 3 campuses nestled in a basin, which forms the main part of Kyoto, a city which in tradition and culture of which Kyoto University is a part.

Six Year old Skateboarder - Video

Armored Truck - Limo

Winter in Russia