Muammar Al-Gaddafi and His Virgin Female Guards

Heartbreaking Pictures of Christ Church Earth Quake Aftermath

Beautiful Village in Holland with No Roads

The Unusual Tradition in Ukraine

Sexy Gemma Merna in Loaded Magazine New Photos

World's Biggest Flat Mountain

Oxford University - How to choose a college - Video

Want to study as an undergraduate at Oxford University? Here's a helpful guide on how to choose a college and apply to.

Mass Gathering in Bangladesh

Rescue of a Man from the Middle of the Lake

10 Spectacular Cliff-Side Villages in Europe

There are some places in the world where living on a rock doesn’t carry a negative connotation. We caught up with ten in particular which offer spectacular sanctuary and brilliant views.

01. Metéora, Greece

Crazy Guy Laying under a Crossing Train - Video

Incredible Rolling Bridge in London

Kelly Brook in Leather

Most Hot Billiard Player

Boarding a Train in Burma - Video

World Cup Formats from 1975 - 2011

2011 World Cup will have new exciting features like UDRS and 'Super over' in its folds. This is the latest in a series of changes to formats over the years. Did you know the first 3 World Cup events were played with 60-over innings? Did you know that World Cup was played with red balls till 1987? Did you know 30-yard circle was first introduced in the 1983 World Cup? There are so many changes that have taken place over the years as cricket's premier event kept marching ahead. Find out in the next few pages everything about each World Cup in snippets

Guinness World Records

Here's a list of the most unique world records recognized internationally, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. Until 2000, the Guinness World Records was known as the Guinness Book of Records and it is the best-selling copyrighted series of all-time. The interesting fact is that it is one of the most stolen books from public libraries in the United States.

Terrific Accident

World’s 20 Most Powerful Athletes for 2011

01 Peyton Manning

Sunken Car

Is it so hard to remember? Never drive on thin ice. The photos are from Russia. I hope the driver is ok.

Large House Built On A Small Terrain In The City

A great example of a large house built on a small terrain in the city You want to live in the city but you can’t afford a house? Well, than you could inspire from this ingenious couple who wanted to live in a suburb in Sidney but couldn’t afford a house. They bought a 7m x 6m (22.97 ft X 19.69 ft) and created a 220 square meters (721.78 square feet) living space. How is that possible? They used their imagination and built up. Clever, huh? Here’s how...


Natasha Henstridge Walking with Coffee

Worst Ice Skater Ever - Video

Panama Canal - A Cruising Experience

Panama is located in Central America, in the northern and western hemispheres. It has two bodies of water the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. It also has a canal going straight through it.

Experience of cruising through the Gatun Locks and into Lake Gatun by an Explorer, divulges some of the precious moments at Panama canal. Let's Join too.

World's Most Hairy People

Making of Rabbit House

Famous Stadiums Around the World – Ariel View

These are aerial photos of stadiums from all around the world. It is absolutely amazing what man has built just to play some games. However, the photos are incredible and beautiful. The stadium’s seating capacity is also amazing.

1.Cape Town stadium, South Africa

Bottomless Cave

Dangerous Job in the World

Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Golden Globe Awards