Forbes Top 10 Youngest Billionaires

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has occupied the top spot on the Forbes' youngest billionaires list, beating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The list also includes Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker from Facebook. Others featuring on the list are Hariri brothers, Scott Duncan and Yishikazu Tanaka.

Dustin Moskovitz
Net Worth: $2.7 billion
Age: 26
Dustin Moskovitz is the world's youngest billionaire who co-founded social networking site Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes. He is just eight days younger than Zuckerberg. After the stupendous success of Facebook, Dustin started a new firm called Asana to solve enterprise collaboration.

Mark Zuckerberg
Net Worth: $13.5 billion
Age: 26
This Harvard dropout has been instrumental in making Facebook the most successful networking site of the present time. He is the CEO of Facebook at present. Zuckerberg has a long list of admirers, from Apple's Steve Jobs to US President Barack Obama.

Albert von Thurn und Taxis
Net Worth: $2 billion
Age: 27
Albert is a German prince and socialite. He made his first appearance on the Forbes' list at the age of eight, but made an official entry after he inherited fortune on his 18th birthday. He was the youngest billionaire till 2010, when he was overthroned by Zuckerberg. Albert's assets include real estate, tech firm and huge stretch of woodland in Germany.

Scott Duncan
Net Worth: $3.1 billion
Age: 28
Scott inherited the $12.4-billion pipeline empire built by his father Dan Duncan. Duncan Senior started his business, which now has thousands of miles of pipeline, from scratch.

Eduardo Saverin
Net Worth: $1.6 billion
Age: 29
Eduardo is another young billionaire from the Facebook stable. However, relationship soured when Facebook sued Eduardo for allegedly interfering with business and insisting on keeping 30 per cent stake. Finally, the matter was settled with Eduardo getting a 5 per cent stake.

Yang Huiyan
Net Worth: $4.1 billion
Age: 29
Yang is the only woman in top 10 of Forbes' young billionaires list. She is main shareholder of Country Garden Holdings. Her father transferred 70 per cent of the company's shares to her before its IPO in 2007.

Fahd Hariri
Net Worth: $1.5 billion
Age: 30
Youngest son of slain Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri inherited stake in his father's businesses after the latter's assassination in 2005. The conglomerate has interests in construction, telecom and real estate businesses.

Sean Parker
Net Worth: $1.6 billion
Age: 30
Sean is a strategist who co-founded Napster, Plaxo, and Causes and was also a part of Facebook. Napster was a peer-to-peer music sharing service that brought free music to the masses. But it didn't last long owing to allegations of piracy. In 2002, Parker launched Plaxo, an online address book and social networking service. He's currently a managing partner at Founders Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in tech companies.

Ayman Hariri
Net Worth; $1.5 million
Age: 32
Ayman is the older brother of Fahd. He has also inherited his father's business and is at present a board member of Saudi Oger and South African mobile operator 3C Telecommunications.

Yoshikazu Tanaka
Net Worth; $2.2 million
Age: 34
Yoshikazu is a self-made billionaire who started his career at Sony, then worked for a networking site before developing his own networking site, Gree. His company was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2005, a couple of years after it was founded. He's planning to go global and set up shop in California.

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