Wooden Bridge in Netherlands

Smallest Park In The World

Production Process of Spaghetti in Indonesia

Canopy Tower Hotel in Panama

Native American Portraits by Kirby Sattler

World's Longest Covered Bridge

Crazy Inventions

Greatest Bonsai Trees

Though growing Bonsai trees is a hobby practiced by many people around the world, its Asian origin is still obvious. Not surprisingly, the most impressive trees are to be found in collections of famous Japanese masters. We have put together a list of ten stunning trees that are unique in their beauty, balance and realism. These trees will help you appreciate this ancient and fascinating art.

An 800 year-old Bonsai tree at Shunkaen, by Kunio Kobayashi

Yacht Migration Across Mediterranean

134 Year Spitbank Fort Transformed into Luxury Hotel

Top 10 Successful Companies that Started Life Different

Most of us go through life not knowing who we are, or what we want to do, until at least a few decades in. We'l go through many false starts, and travel through many dead-end paths, until we find the one that’s truly right for us. Many companies are the same way. Oftentimes, the most successful corporations on Earth started with one simple idea, and are now vastly successful in a very different area. Such as …
10. Iron Mountain

4.5 Billion Year Old Fukang Meteorite