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10 Most Dangerous Lakes on Earth

1. Karachay Lake
After being used as a dumping site for radioactive waste for decades, Lake Karachay, located in the southern Ural mountains in western Russia, has become one of the most polluted spot in the world. Spending just five minutes near the lake is enough to receive a deadly radioactive dosis, while spending an hour there will probably kill you within the next few hours. In 1968, during drought conditions, the wind carried radioactive dust away from the lake’s dried area, irradiating half a million people. The radiation was comparable to the effect of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Another 7,000 people who lived in the area were relocated.

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Self-Made Swimming Pool in the Back yard

Father and son decided to build a pool in their yard. After the measurement, calculations and the purchase of material, they got down to business. Each step of process has been snapped.