Outdoor Living Garden Table

If you love eating out in your backyard, then you would have enjoyed sitting at the Future Feast table designed by Suzanne Biaggi of Sculptural Landscapes in California. It is a hybrid of your garden and your patio table. She cleverly elevated the picnic to table height while also raising awareness about (landscape) sustainability.

By creating a 26’ long table planter featuring an edible centerpiece of herbs, lettuces, and other plants, she reinterpreted raised bed gardening. Detail of the table showing the edibles around each dining area. These change seasonally. For example, the spring time is perfect for strawberries harvested at dessert time. Like the perfect dinner party conversation, the water flowed effortlessly bringing harmony and goodwill to guests. Sunlight cast warmth and light over the celebration while also powering the pump that circulated water across the table until it cascaded over the edge, disappearing into a circular bed of gray stones.

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