Earth Seen From the International Space Station

1.Indian Ocean Maldives

Clay Mosque of Djenne

Lion's Back

World's Most Flexible Man

Worldly School Lunches


Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

Energy is an inevitable requirement where we want development to take place. Many naturally occurring phenomenons contribute to producing this energy without damaging the environment. They are called renewable energy sources and they help to avoid pollution; both in urban and inaccessible locations on large and small scales. They form a sort of cycle without the deduction of any resource to generate the energy.

10. Tidal Power

Jackie Chan Breaking Stone on German Bet Show - Video

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Car Falls Into Well

Woman Who Eats Sofas

Hayden Panettiere at 22nd Annual Kurier Romy Gala in Vienna

4 Eco-Fabulous Places to Live in 2020

Across the world, architects and environmental engineers are building cities inspired by Mother Nature. Here are four communities leading the way to a greener, cleaner world.

1. Masdar City, United Arab Emirates The Greenest Town in the Middle East

Most Impressive Gymnast - Video

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Abandoned City of Montserrat

Making Large Reefs into Sea

Chinese Tea Rituals