Incredible Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Benefits of Outdoor Ovens:

Shorter cooking times because you can cook at higher temps. These ovens can get to 1000F and the stone holds the heat evenly, cooking the food with retained, radiant heat from all sides and conduction from the hearth. When you burn wood fast and at a high temperature the wood burns efficiently. Burn wood slowly and it creates soot and particulate matter.

An outdoor oven in the summer keeps the heat outside. An indoor stone oven in the winter, especially in combination with a masonry heater, keeps the heat inside. Stone ovens do not hold moisture, so breads become crusty on the outside. If you start with a wet dough, the crust will seal in the bread's moisture, within the loaf. An electric oven might draw 3500 watts per hour to maintain a 550F temp. Three pieces of hardwood, depending on oven dimensions and insulation, might give you a hot oven for a few hours.

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