Steaks And Health

Despite the fact that there are those who claim that steak is an unhealthy dish and it can cause heart problems, my question is why don't most people tell both sides of the story? Of course steaks can cause heart problems but that's if there consumed in a non moderate or excessive manner. Also, let's be honest that anything that is not consumed in moderation can and usually does have its health issues or problems associated with it. Thus, it would be foolish to think that steak consumption alone can cause heath problems such as heart disease, when in fact certain steaks can give you a healthy dose of omega-3 and those can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Furthermore, the leaner versions of steaks are a great way of getting such vitamins as: B12 and B6. Lastly, and most importantly we cannot forget about the iron that is in steak. The iron that is in steaks is a great way to counteract and fight against many bone-diseases. Hopefully this has served as a guide to the truth about steaks. The truth is that they are a good source of the right stuff, and the key to a great meal

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