Pink Lake In Australia

First learned about this “pink” on the island of Middle Lake in 1802. British hydrographer and navigator Matthew Flinders, stopping here on their way to Sydney.

On the shores of Lake Hiler were formed (1820-1840 gg.) Settlement hunters on seals and whales, and in the early twentieth century, established the extraction of salt. But soon (after 6 years), harvesting and extraction of salt ceased, and since then, the island attracts tourists just wanting to see the most amazing natural landmark in Australia.

In 1950 a group of scientists settled here in order to clarify the origin of the original pink color of the lake. Usually this phenomenon is determined by the presence in the water a certain species of algae (Dunaliellasalina), which are saturated with salt water produce a red pigment. For example, a lake, located near the town of Esperance on the mainland, these algae provide the kind of red-pink color.

But they were disappointed and puzzled. Numerous water samples taken in Lake Hiler, have convincingly demonstrated the complete absence of any traces of algae.

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