Foot Bridge In Yemen

The city is divided into two halves the districts of Shaharah and of Al-Nadan. The city of Shaharah is situated in the top of Shaharah mountain, high up in the sky.  Many tourists go to Shaharah to enjoy the view of its famous bridge, distinguished by its artistic architecture. The bridge was designed and built by the builder Ostta, who is known to people as Saleh in 1905.  The bridge was built on a sloping groove cut into the rocks, to connect two very high mountains: the Mountain of Shaharah Al-Faish and the Mountain of Shaharah Al-Ameer.

The bridge is 20 meters in length and three meters in width. The depth of the drop below is 300 meters. Before the bridge was built the route between the two mountains used to take a long time and effort, as people were forced to go down the groove before climbing slowly up again. It was also hard to transfer goods and animals. The bridge therefore saved them from the tiring struggle, and helped to connect the people on either side together.

Local information records that the building of the bridge took around three years and cost more than 100,000 silver rials, a large amount of money in the currency of that time. The bridge is considered an architectural masterpiece and is viewed as a wonder throughout the Arabian Peninsula, in its adaptation to the mountainous nature.

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