The Old Russian Aircraft Carrier Converted into a Hotel

The “Kiev” is a former Soviet military aircraft carrier that has been revamped and is set to reopen as a floating luxury hotel in China. The upcoming opening of the Kiev comes just days after sea trials for China’s first aircraft carrier Varyag caused heightened tension in the South China Sea.

Proudly build as China’s first aircraft carrier hotel, the Tiajin Aircraft Carrier Hotel’s owners believe China’s burgeoning naval power will drum up customer interest.

Previously, China didn’t have aircraft carriers. People find them mysterious and are curious about them. Even though China’s first aircraft carrier has now gone on sea trials, it will be quite hard for the public to ever visit it,” said marketing manager Liu Chang. “I guess people can come here to fulfill their curiosity.”

The South China Morning Post reported that its owners had spent almost 100m yuan ($15.64 million) on renovations.

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