Fuel Ship 190 Miles Away Iced-In Alaska City

The Russian-flagged tanker Renda sits stopped in the ice 250 miles south of Nome as the Coast Guard Cutter Healy makes several passes around it to break the ice. The Healy crew is escorting the Renda to Nome to deliver more than one million gallons of fuel supplies to the city. The vessels are transiting through ice up to five-feet thick in this area. The 370-foot tanker Renda will have to go through more than 300 miles of sea ice to get to Nome, a city of about 3,500 people on the western Alaska coastline that did not get its last pre-winter fuel delivery because of a massive storm. If the delivery of diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline is not made, the city likely will run short of fuel supplies before another barge delivery can be made in spring. (US Coast Guard - Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis / AP)

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