Gazelle Escapes from the Jaws of Crocodiles

This incredible scene took place on the banks of the Mara River, in Kenya as a herd of gazelles were crossing water where a group of hungry crocs were eagerly awaiting new prey. Apparently, the gazelle got confused as its entire herd was lining up to cross the river and plunged straight ahead.However, once it became aware of the danger lurking in the murky waters, it reconsidered its entire plan and jumped so high that the crocodiles jaws could no longer reach it. However, the species managed to elude death by flying over the open mouths of two crocodiles, both of which looked more than eager to make it their lunch.

These amazing shots were taken by Photographers Jonathan and Angela Scott as they were shooting the young gazelles navigating their way across the shallow waters of the Mara River.

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