An Intriguing Glimpse of Classrooms Around the World

Bangladesh Jessore_Year 10 English

British photographer Julian Germain embarked on a photo series in 2004 that would require quite a bit of traveling and patience. The ongoing series, known as Classroom Portraits, began in North East England where Germain entered local schools and took simple group portraits of students in their classes. The project has since expanded across the globe to include schools in Qatar, Peru, Taiwan, Nigeria, The Netherlands, and Brazil, amongst many others.

Unlike a typical class portrait, the photographer kept a natural atmosphere. No one was instructed to sit upright or fold their hands. The only thing that Germain was interested in each of these photos was that every face could be seen. We're all given a little insight into the educational systems, social structures, and economic divisions within each of these territories. The series enlightens the spectator on the varied environments that children across the world are educated in and the assorted classes that are taught. The series both differentiates people and exemplifies how alike we all are as children attending school.

England Seaham Reception and Year 1 Structured Play

Taiwan Ruei Fang Township Kindergarten Art

Saudi Arabia Dammam Kindergarden Activities

Wales Felindre Reception and Years 12 Numeracy

England Keighley Year 6 History

England Bradford Year 7 Art

Holland Drouwenermond Primary Year 5 6 7 8 History

Peru Cusco Primary Grade 4 Mathematics

USA Oklahoma Avant Grade 4 5 Social Sciences

Argentina Buenos Aires Grade 4 Natural Science

Tokyo Japan Grade 5 Classical Japanese

Peru Tiracanchi Secondary Grade 2 Mathematics

Yemen Manakha Primary Year 2 Science Revision

Yemen Sanaa Secondary Year 2 English

Brazil Belo Horizonte Series 6 Mathematics

Qatar Grade 10 Religion

Nigeria Kano Ooron Dutse Senior Islamic Secondary Leve l2 Social Studies

England Wolsingham Year 12 English

The Netherlands Rotterdam Secondary Group 3 Motor Mechanics

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