Smallest Hotel In The World

Hotel Punta Grande on the Atlantic coast, has been around for many years and in 1992 was in Guinness World Records as the smallest hotel in the world. In addition to small size, the hotel offers a holiday on the shores of the uninhabited volcanic island of El Hierro – the most remote of the Canary Islands.

Las Puntas – a small, picturesque village located in the eastern part of the Gulf of El Golfo, at the foot of La Pena, in the municipality of Frontera. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Gulf, who had played a very important role in the economy of the island.

On a small stone ledge in 1884 was built the customs, actively used in 20 years of the twentieth century. Then the local products were exported to ports in Northern Europe, and to people in El Hierro goods were brought to the island.

Today in a small renovated Customs posted a two star hotel Hotel Punta Grande. The hotel has a total of four double bedrooms and a small hotel restoran.Does not have cable TV and telephone. Accommodations nothing more. Rest in Punta Grande, not for luxury, but nature. Let me remind you that in 2000, the island of El Hierro has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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