World's Smallest Church

The World's Smallest Church, Cross Island Chapel, still sits in the center of a pond on the northern edge of town near Syracuse, New York.. A small billboard near the road details everything you need to know: Built in 1989. Floor area 51"x81" (28.68 square feet) Seats 2 people. Non-denominational. "Dedicated as a witness to God."

Perhaps the local water table has risen, because in late summer there was no evidence of an "island." The church is built on wooden pilings and a low platform in the middle of a pond. It's open to the public on request, and accessible only by boat. Next to the the church, a wooden cross protrudes from a pile of rocks, surrounded by the pond.

For a 1990 wedding, there was only enough room in the chapel for the minister and the betrothed, leaving the guests to sit in boats outside. Although there are no regular services, the church is “available for special occasions and meditation.

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