Homemade Lamborghini

Sports car connoisseur Ken Imhoff had always wanted his very own Lamborghini Countach. Rather than saving up and buying an original, Ken set out on a much more adventurous pursuit, to build his very own from scratch and with his own two hands.

The project took shape in his basement and took 17 long hard years. The result is phenomenal. The car is done and is real! He built the car in his basement, knowing that one day he would need to extract the car from his house. When the car was ready, Ken hired a contractor to knock out one of the basement walls, excavate a whole bunch of dirt and form a ramp in order to remove the car from its residential womb.

After long years of building his dreams into reality, Ken finally finished work on the car that he calls the ‘Bull in the basement’ in 2008 and what a fine piece of Countach he has finally come up with. What is even more remarkable is the fact that he hasn’t used any donor car but chopped, molded and created every part of it from aluminum with his hands, apart from the 351 cubic-inch V8 engine sourced from Ford which is aligned with a ZF five-speed manual transmission.

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