Journey In The Wheel House

The Wheel House is a rolling theatre set, purpose built to travel in the manner of a wheel as its inhabitants move within it. The set comes beautifully furnished, created with an exquisite attention to detail. The Wheel House is comprised of two extremely talented and highly trained circus performers. The two company members, Jeni Barnard and Barney White, graduated from London's prestigious Circus Space receiving a BA Honours degree. It was during their time at circus space that they formed their own company, but both are accomplished solo performers in their own right.

While still on the degree course, they were commissioned to create a show for the Lord Mayors Festival in Trafalgar Square. This show premiered before an audience of thousands, to great acclaim, and went on to be performed across the UK throughout 2006 and 2007.

As a solo artist, Jeni has recently developed a new performance on a wheel sculpture with choreographer and director, Mish Weaver. Barney, highly trained in both contemporary dance and martial arts, has given acrobatics workshops for Stage Antics drama school in Kent, and has appeared as a guest dancer and choreographer for the Laura Faulkner School of Dance. They are now two of only six German Wheel artists appearing professionally in Britain, and are currently performing a range of German wheel and acrobatic theatre skills, both in large-scale outdoor events, theatre shows, corporate events and private engagements.

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