Roxy is a rescued fox who thinks she's a dog. The fox was rescued six years ago after she was found dangling off a bridge with a rope around her neck. The 3-month-old cub was taken to Geoff Grewcock who owns and runs the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in Nuneaton, UK. He and volunteers at the sanctuary nursed the fox back to health.

During her recuperation, she became very domesticated and the sanctuary worried for her survival if she was released back into the wild. They decided it would be too dangerous for the tame fox, so Roxy now lives at the sanctuary full time where she enjoys canine activities. Like a dog, Roxy enjoys playing with squeaky toys, chasing balls and chewing on bones. She also likes to go on a daily walk with the dogs at the centre. On walks she can heel on the lead just like a dog.

"She's ever so friendly, and loves playing with all the dogs we have here," said Geoff. She doesn't seem to much care for the other foxes at the sanctuary, and instead prefers to play with other dogs or people.

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