Barbecue Dining Boat

The barbeque dining boat combines the delicious food of outdoor grilling with the refreshing adventure and relaxation of a day on the high seas, or lake. The barbeque boat is also equipped with a trolling 30-watt motor capable of traveling at speeds up to 2 1/2 mph, which means you can keep on the move without making anybody seasick. This dining boat has a diameter of 11.9′ and has the capacity to seat up to ten adults providing ample room for your closest and dearest friends. Its circular shape provides a great layout for socializing and communication.

The seats are arranged along the edge giving everyone nice water-side seating while the grill is stationed at the center. With the 24″ charcoal grill at the middle, an ABS table surrounds the perimeter providing room for everyone’s plate. The barbeque dining boat also comes with three different sized drink holders prefect for your shot, cocktail, and larger beer cups. Looming over the entire dining boat is an 11′ diameter retractable nylon umbrella that provides cool shading for everyone on board making the boat great for those all-day barbeque sessions. You’ll be the gourmet king or queen of any lake!

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