Portraits with Chewing Gum

Anna Sophia Matveeva from Makeyevka, Ukraine creates portraits of celebrities from a very unusual material - chewing gums. Each of her works with over 1,000 of chewing gum. 22-year-old Anna Sophia said the idea to create such art chewing came quite by accident. She was driving a car with her friend chewing gum at that moment she realized how much it is elastic and can be the ideal material for creating unique pieces. Not to chew gum all this amount, the girl tried to soak them in water, but in vain. It is found in human saliva contains enzymes, which makes chewing gum so soft and perfect for sculpting. So she began to chew them until it was possible, because over time it becomes a nasty lesson ... to create a portrait of the founder of Apple Steve Jobs Anna took over 1,000 pieces of chewing gum, so she asked her husband, her family and some of his friends to help her. Despite the fact that they are so many people chewed, Anna was not contrary to work with this material as it compares itself with dentists and surgeons.

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