Pedal Powered School Bus

In Berlin, Germany, you can regularly see toddlers being loaded into trolleys, four or more to a cart, and dragged by long-suffering teachers from school to — well, to where I don’t know, as I would always try to avoid the brats. But these kiddie convoys would go a lot easier if the Germans would import this pedal-powered school bus from their neighbors up in the Netherlands.

Made by De Cafe Racer, this child-powered school bus is just the thing to save teachers’ backs, help the the environment and wear out hyperactive rugrats. It even comes in school-bus yellow, although if they even have school buses in the Netherlands I doubt they are yellow.

Sadly, it looks like those poor Berlin teachers will be stuck dragging their pupils from place to place for a while yet. The child-powered school bus is a rental vehicle, to be hired by the day for fun rather than work. Still, maybe something like this would go down well in the States or the UK. Apparently, Britain is the fattest nation in Europe, and we all know about obesity in the U.S.

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