Magnificent Looping Bridge in Bosnia

Festina Lente is a looping bridge in Sarajevo designed by three Bosnian product design students—Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić, and Amila Hrustić. Located right outside the Academy of Fine Arts, the trio of former students first conceptualized the design for the bridge five years ago. After winning a competition, construction began on the innovative structure that now sits at 38 meters long over the Miljacka river.

The looping bridge includes two seating areas within the loop-de-loop area, inviting pedestrians to sit, socialize, and take in the surrounding environment. Adding to the aesthetic charm of the connecting bridge are LED lights that line it, illuminating the flowing river below and the night sky above.

The creatively designed overpass features modern design choices that echo themes of the university's rich history that are both secular and spiritual in nature. While at present day the steel bridge leads to an educational institution, the academy was once a church. The designers say, "Crossing the bridge is a unique experience because of its specific layout and the views that we encounter when going through the gate (the closed part of the bridge), preparing us to enter into another dimension and awake spirituality."

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