86 Year Old Grandma Still Doing Gymnastics

Johanna Quaas, an 86-year-old granny, stole the show from gymnasts young enough to be her grand-daughters at the 2012 Cottbus gymnastics World Cup in Germany.

The octogenarian, a former member of the East German handball team, displayed flexibility that left the crowd at the championship stunned. Quaas's fitness, in spite of her age, is evident from her strong muscular physique. The crowd watched in disbelief as she performed parallel bar and floor exercises, showing balance, strength, flexibility and endurance of a 20 year-old. The crowd must have wondered whether she was in fact younger and her bob of curly snow-white hair and specs disguises.

But Quaas, a native of Halle, Saxony, according to Daily Mail, began her gymnastics training late at the age of 30, and after fifty years of performance, she has won the artistic gymnastics championship in Germany many times.

Seeing, they say, is believing. Watch the extraordinary footage of this 86-year-old woman executing moves 20-year-old world class gymnasts will hesitate to attempt.

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