Celine Dion's Most Expensive House in Canada

Recently, a famous singer Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angeli decided to sell his mansion in the Montreal area for the 29.7 million dollars, making it the most expensive residential real estate for sale in the province of Quebec.

The reason named president and CEO of the company «Sotheby's International Canada» Ross McCready said, all the fault of "busy touring schedule," Dion, who would not allow them to spend enough time at home. "In making this decision they took a long time, but in the end, they are rarely used by all the charms of this house. Soon they plan to buy a much smaller house in Montreal, "- said Ross McCready. The house adjoins the site, an area of 7.300 square meters. meters.

Nearly 30 millionth cost of land ahead of «TuLyons Residence», as in the Montreal area, and is now considered the most expensive real estate in the province of Quebec.

The house has an elevator, gym, game room, wine cellar, swimming pool and a small house for the holidays. The fact that the mansion is situated on a private guarded island, like it can be very different stars. The mansion has six bedrooms and is located on a private island of Ile-Gagnon area of 253 square meters. kilometers. On the first floor living room and dining room for 18 people, unique cuisine «la Cornue», fireplaces, sunroom and office. A three-storey brick mansion was built in 2001 specifically for Dion and Angela in 2001. Almost every room with a beautiful "view of the calm water surface."

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