Building House on the Site of An Old Cemetery

Two apartment buildings are being built in Longbao village, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, wrote Ynet. But for the real estate developers, the situation is grave, to say the least. Because between the two skyscrapers stands a strange ten meter-high mound with a solitary grave on top. According to Chinese media, the grave was left untouched after a villager refused to move the bones of his ancestor because he wasn’t happy with the compensation he was offered.

CNS News reported that there used to be a cemetery with about 200 graves at the location, but all the other villagers accepted the compensation money and relocated the remains. Although the original compensation was 800 yuan (128 USD), some villagers have claimed that they got tens of thousands for removing the graves. It seems that the developers are at their wit’s end, for they have made the man a more than generous offer of one million yuan (about 160,508 USD) if he reconsiders.

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