Huangshan or Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain or Huangshan in Anhui Province located 300 kilometers from Shanghai. They were formed about 100 million years ago, and later deepened the basic landscape of glaciers, resulting in rocks have risen to a considerable height. 77 peaks exceed a height of 1 km, and the highest - Lotus Peak and Peak Light "grown" up to 1800 meters. Due to a considerable height of the mountains the cloud tops are lower, and sometimes they can see the different lighting effects, such as "Light of the Buddha," it is "Gloria" (the circular rainbow), and "Sea Cloud"

Sunlit or shrouded in mist, the mountains give rise to landscapes Yellow extraordinarily fascinating spectacle. The clouds and mists that hide one or the other part of the beautiful mosaic, make her look like a kaleidoscope, so the views of these mountains can be admired forever.

Steve Messing traveled to China and photographed the rocks for the foundations of the image of the mountains in the movie "Avatar." Huangshan is now officially renamed the mountain's Avatar

Not a canvas smeared with artists and a roll of ischerkali poets, inspired by this picturesque. Most of the mountains covered with pine trees unusual. They differ from the usual three signs: rising at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, are able to stay on the granite walls of the mountain clefts, different variety of forms.

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