The World's Deepest Hotel

This is the world's deepest hotel room, a creepy, cave-like den located a whopping 500 feet beneath the surface of the earth. Dubbed the Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine Hotel, the hotel room is located in an old mine in Vestmanland County, Sweden. Adventurous hotel guests will be able to reserve the Mine Suite at approximately $600 per night.

Along with the underground bedroom, Mine Suite guests will be able to explore untouched caves inside the mine as well. As cool as it may be to stay in the world's deepest hotel room, we can't help but imagine the horrors of somehow ending up stranded there due to an unexpected earthquake or flash flood. If you've got the guts and the dough to stay in this room, head on over to Sala Silvermine's website to book your reservation or find out more information.

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