Steepest Road In The World

Initially, Baldwin Street slopes gently from the valley floor, then climbs steeply to its intersection with Buchanan Street at the top. Over the 161.2 metre length of the top section, it climbs a vertical height of 47.22 metres, which is an average gradient of 1 in 3.41.On its steepest section, the gradient is 1 in 2.86.

Every year, during Dunedin's Festival, large numbers of athletes, including family groups, take part in social and competitive foot races to the top of the street and return. These races are known as the "BALDWIN STREET GUTBUSTER". The street is named for William Baldwin, who carried out the original subdivision. Baldwin was a member of the Otago Provincial COuncil and founder of the "Otago Guardian" newspaper in 1873.

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