10 Extraordinary Structures Inspired by Extreme Conditions

Hugh Broughton Architects with Faber Maunsell - Halley VI Research

Designed to endure the extreme weather of polar ice caps, these structures – almost alien in appearance – are like nothing we have seen before. Their unique aesthetics however is nothing more, and nothing less, than an honest response to the specific location and climate; their design – completely stripped of the unnecessary, decorative or unfit for the harsh conditions. Recent climatic changes have presented extreme design with an even greater impetus to address adaptability and mobility and it is a fact worth noting these fascinating buildings have gradually grown more and more capable of providing their inhabitants with comfort, protection from the elements and therefore: further possibilities to study the polar regions.

European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica - Concordia Station

Hugh Broughton Architects with AECOM - Juan Carlos I Antarctic Station

International Polar Foundation - Princess Elizabeth Antarctica Station

Malcolm Wallhead Icewall One - The Igloo Satellite Cabin

Richard Carbonnier - Inuksuk Residence

South African Antarctic Research - SANAE IV

Studio Les Bes Arctic Drifter

U.S. National Science Foundation - Amundsen - Scott South Pole Station

2-B-2 Architecture with Audrey Bondarenko - Arctic Mobile Unit
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