Man Living With Lions

Zoo owner and artist Alek¬sandr Pylyshenko lies next to female African lion Katya inside a cage at a pri¬vate zoo sit¬u¬ated in his yard in the city of Vasi¬lyevka, south¬east¬ern Ukraine August 3. Pylyshenko decided to spend five weeks in a cage with a pair of African lions, Katya and Sam-son, to get money for improv¬ing the lions’ liv¬ing con¬di¬tions, accord¬ing to local media. He is broad¬cast¬ing it on inter¬net to attract the public’s atten¬tion to plight of wild ani¬mals in pri¬vate Ukrain¬ian zoos, which do not get enough fund¬ing. Image Credit: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

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