Water Powered Jet

Water Powered Jet fly around at top speeds of 40mph with a maximum height of 30ft. The operating principle of the apparatus is simple: to support the boat-motor pump power of 250 hp draws water at speeds up to 100 liters per second and a rubber hose delivers it in a frame, secured with straps on the back of the pilot. The pilot climbs up through a water pressure of 6 bar. The more gas it gives, the higher the rise, but 10 m above the water level - is already high, there is no longer the hose. With the help of gestures pilot can control the water-jet backpack: if a man leans forward, the machine starts to move, developing speed of 45kmph.

Alexander Theis has already done a lot of laps with this unit over the lake not far from the firm. "It's addictive," - says the 29-year-old Alexander, describing the sensations of flight. "First of all, it is a toy for big boys, though it has tried for many women." Now the company hopes to be able to create a new sport. First appearances at trade fairs in Dusseldorf and Dubai has attracted considerable attention. On Saturdays and Sundays, flights with the device can be admired at the aquatic show-boating on the river Spree (Spree Marine Boot Show) at the Castle Köpenick (address: Grünauer Straße 1) at 12 and 15 hours.

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