The house in Melides, Portugal

The house in Melides, Portugal designed by Pedro Reis represents the desire for a holiday house as a getaway from the bustle of a big city. Two volumes intersect, a modern white glazed rectangle with public areas above, and a lower volume clad with earth colored concrete with private rooms below.

To leave in his area means “find a place”within the meaning of “a strong geometric footprint”, hit by two volumes out of date in the form of a “cross. ” The aim of this dialectical strategy to not only reduce the “scale and presence” of construction, but also “split” the program in two areas, a more “exuberant ” and exposed and a more “intimate” and contained. If the top light volume recalls the image from bringing modern house with large glazed areas open to the scenic landscape, the lower volume “anchored”, covered with layers of earth-colored concrete, pre-fabricated in situ, sits on the floor providing support and stability to the house.

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