Top 10 Beautiful Largest Lakes of the World

10. Lake Nyasa
(area 11,600 sq. miles, length: 360 miles and depth: 2,316 feet)
This lake I present in Malawi-Mozambique-Tanzania. This lake is although placed last in list but is not at all less in its beauty and charms than others.

9. Lake Great Bear
(area :12,000 sq. miles, length: 232 miles and depth: 270 feet)
This lake is named rightly as it is really great as far its beauty is concerned. It has worth seeing charms.

8. Lake Baikal
(area: 12,162 sq. miles, length:395 miles, and depth: 5712 feet)
This lake is present in Russia and is the deepest lake in whole world. Moreover it is one of the beautiful lakes of world full of natural splendors.

7. Lake Tanganyika
(area: 12,700 sq. miles, length: 420 miles and depth: 4,708 feet)
This lake is situated in Tanzania; Congo. This in a beautiful lake and has worth seeing sights.

6. Lake Aral
(area: 13,000 sq. miles, length: 266 miles and depth: 233 feet)
It is located in Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan. It is smaller in its dimensions than all the above mentioned lakes.

5. Lake Michigan
(area: 22,400 sq. miles, length: 321 miles and depth: 923 feet)
This lake is situated in USA and is even deeper than Lake Huron.

4. Lake Huron
(area: 23,010 sq. miles, length: 247 miles and depth: 750 feet)
This lake is bigger in its depth as compare to Lake Victoria. It is located in U.S.-Canada.

3. Lake Victoria
(area: 26,828 sq. miles, length: 200 miles and depth: 270 feet)
This majestic lake is located in Tanzania-Uganda. However the dimensions that it covers are much different from Lake Superior.

2. Lake Superior
(area: 31,820 sq. miles, length: 383 miles and depth: 1,333 feet)
Lake Superior is located in US Canada. It is one of the exquisite picnic spot and attracts tourist from all around the world.

1. Caspian Sea
(area: 152,239 sq. miles, length:745 miles and depth: 3,104 feet)
This lake is located in Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan in Iran. Romans have named this lake and water of this lake is salty in taste. It is truly amazing and superb.

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