4 Year Old Boy Weighs 62 Kilos

March 29th, Guangdong province Foshan city fatty baby Xiao Hao [Little Hao], just 4-years-old this year, at a height of 1.1m, but weighing 62kg. Xiao Hao’s parents’ bodies aren’t fat, and when he was born, his weight was only 2.6kg. However, as he got older, his weight and height grew out of control. Many times exceeding the weight of his peers, it is difficult for his mother to handle him.

Xiao Hao’s parents brought their son first to the Foshan and then to the Guangzhou and other hospitals, but checks of his hormone levels are all normal, so that even doctors are puzzled by the cause of his obesity.

Whenever Xiao Hao’s parents have time, they’ll take Xiao Hao jogging around the village. In addition to this, in accordance with their son’s interests, they try to foster in him more physical hobbies. Xiao Hao’s father says that his biggest wish is for his son to lose weight in a healthy manner.

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