How Fireworks are made

This is how Chinese fireworks are made. Making fireworks seems like a very dangerous job. Imagine having a job where you are surrounded by tons of gunpowder. However, these workers don’t seem to mind.

Product samples exhibited at the office were dummies

Real products look this way

All the production facilities are located at a considerable distance from the office. These winding paths lead to them.

Indoor galleries

And here is the factory’s staff

Factory workers receive a daily salary of 120 yuan (about $450 a month), but their working day lasts for 14 hours.

Note that not all employees are using a respirator

The most dangerous operation is assembling the ball

Balls are produced in these two sheds, 50 meters apart

Gunpowder is placed into the half of each ball

This is automatic fire extinguishing system located over the workplace

In case of emergency, water from these bags is supposed to stop the fire

These procedures are considered relatively safe, therefore, they are held in the general manufactory

After spheres are dried, a lifting charge will be attached to each of them, and final products will be ready to use