Chalk Board Newspaper of Liberia

In Liberia, a country where radios and televisions are luxuries most people cannot afford, there is one enterprising journalist who has found a way to get daily news and information out to his fellow countrymen – on a black chalkboard. This is Alfred J. Sirleaf and his innovative newspaper is called The Daily Talk.

The Daily Talk was started by Sirleaf in 2000 in the middle of Liberia’s fourteen-year-long civil war in the belief that a well-informed citizenry is the key to the rebirth of Liberia after years of war. Each morning, Alfred buys half a dozen newspapers and scours them for the most important developments. For international news, he goes to the local internet cafĂ© to access sites like BBC. He also relies on messages from volunteer correspondents. Once he has decided what he wants to post, he goes into a little shack he calls the “newsroom” and writes neatly on the blackboards, a meticulous process that can take a couple of hours.

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