Tredalo - Human Powered Hamster Wheel

Chris Todd, aged 35, is all set to cross the 66 miles across open water in Irish Sea for two days non-stop within a self-build human hamster wheel called Tredalo, hand-crafted in his own garden with help from his wife and friends (James Mahoney and Thomas Mahoney). The idea for such a herculean feat struck him while he was rowing across a lake and thereafter he started making Tredalo which took him almost 11 months to complete with plans to cross the English Channel which were curtailed due to high costs involved. Chris has hopes of raising around £20,000 for two charities, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Wiltshire Blind Association through this enduring 48 hour journey that he will embark on by propelling the hamster forward by walking on the wire mesh.

This human powered hamster will have rudders on each side for extra stability under rough conditions. All the food, drinks and maps will be included in the craft so that Chris has requisite supplies for two days and he doesn’t get lost in the seamless waters. According to estimation Chris will burn around 36,000 calories and consume 30 liters of water to keep his body in top running condition for two days, which by the way is equivalent to running 10 back to back marathons. Tredalo has been tested for couple of hours on lakes and in the sea, so Chris is hoping to see this amazing adventure through without any major setbacks.

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