Spectacular Sun Solar Eruption Captured by NASA

Check out this totally mind-melting video of a coronal mass ejection taking place on the Sun during a particularly powerful solar storm that took place on August 31st. The coronal mass ejection is a long filament of solar material that hurls out from active regions on the sun.

This isn’t just a little bit of spitting fire either, as you can see by the picture that shows the size of the earth to scale just underneath the massive, mental explosion of insanely hot plasma. Our beloved planet is dwarfed in comparison, for us non-NASA types, it is pretty hard to conceptualize just how big an eruption it actually was!

C. Alex Young, a solar physicist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said: “It is hard to easily judge the size of this 3D event with a 2D image at this angle, but this filament is probably on the order of 30 Earths across, 300,000 kilometers or 186,000 miles.” Does that help you get your head around it?

According to those at NASA, the filament comes hurtling out of the Sun as some serious speeds too, faster than 900 miles per second. If you are in the vicinity and are planning on trying to dodge one of these then you best hope that your space ship has Warp Speed or that there is a nearby worm hole you can dive into, because otherwise you are toast my friend!

This amazing video and these awesome pics of the filament were shot by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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