William Kate Marriage Celebration at The Empress Hotel

A Family affair - Bobby Orr, Laura Anderson and Andrew Orr wearing their tartan

And there was a full English breakfast - lots of eggs and kippers too

Andrew and Erin, the friendly staff at The Empress, getting in the royal spirit

Buying the special stamps. I was the second person in Canada to do so.

In the Tea Lounge

Malcolm and Mary Orr and their daughter Heather, who is a bride-to-be.

Mother and daughters celebrate - Candy Chudyk(mom), Nikki Chudyk and sister Natasha Chudyk

My Fascinator

One royal watcher, Geoffrey, came in his nightcap

The crowd in the Bengal Lounge.

The Empress Room

The girls Chloe Robson, Aimee Nicholson, Michelle Vinnay, Genevieve Stonebridge, Emily Waterman

The manager of The Empress, Martin LeClerc, very pleased that so many people wanted to get up early and be part of the experience - making memories.

Wearing their Flags are Anita Lowe and Dusty Cunningham

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