Belgrade Science Center From OFF Architecture

This artificial mountain proposed for the center of Belgrade dubbed “Sciencescape” is the innovative vision of OFF Architecture. OFF entered their proposal for the Center for Promotion of Science Competition, but bad weather delayed their efforts and unfortunately it missed the deadline. While it leaves us to wonder if such a radical melding of mountain and building would be well received, if the recent winning proposal of BIG’s Urban Ski Slope tells us anything, it is that this concept would have bode well amongst the competition. Standing tall, the iconic design by OFF is an immersion of natural elements and the built environment, ready to envelop its visitors.

The French design company OFF Architecture announced the project of the Center for Science in Belgrade. Serbia, according OFF Architecture inherent connection to the beautiful landscapes, amazing countryside and ancient castles.

The project was created precisely with notions of Serbia. Therefore, the building looks like and at the same time on the hill, and a mushroom and fortifications. The architects propose to build it on the green island in Block 39. In addition to the building in its territory assumes the existence of the park and waterfall.

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