The Sofa Bike

There’s nothing harder than getting off the sofa to go do exercise, but designer Jacek Holubowicz has solved that problem with the sofa-bike. By combining a two person sofa with a tandem bicycle, Holunowicz has created the perfect mode of transport for sofa-bound couples or a challenging ride for one person.

If the sofa/bicycle concept wasn’t crazy enough, Holunowicz has adapted it even further. The sofa-bike has two separate 8-gear hubs and hydraulic brakes controlled by the sleek handlebar on the arm. The sofa-bike is also fitted with dynamic chain steering in order to add street driving.

In the case of inclement weather, the vehicle also has a gas-powered canopy and, for those more romantic occasions, it even has its own sound system both of which are powered by a 17 AH battery. You also don’t need to worry if you can’t reach the pedals as the bike has two extra soft bolsters that can be removed according to the driver’s height.

Personally, we love it. We can now travel down the road in a comfortable manner whilst still eatin

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