Jet Man

51-year-old Swiss Yves Rossy, dubbed ‘Jetman’, using a set of flight device like rocket, completed an 8 minutes flight above the United States’ famous Great Canyon at speeds of up to 190 mph (304 kilometers an hour) and skimming only 200 feet (65 meters) above the splendid landmark, Yves Rossy strapped the jet-pack wing to his back and jumped from a helicopter at altitude 2000m and then soaring above the spectacular Great Canyon, took 8 minutes to complete the effective range of up to 8 km.

Yves Rossy was once a Swiss Air Force fighter pilot, he had flown across the English Channel in 2008 and over the Swiss Alps and the Lake Geneva, etc. As these successfully challenges, Yves Rossy was known as ‘Jetman’!

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