Rio Carnival 2011

One of the most easily recognized events on earth, Rio Carnival in the capital Brazil is almost synonymous with the country along with soccer. Here in this festival the real Brazilian culture comes out in all its colours and moods. The processions are full with joyous people dancing and singing on the streets. Samba Parade, Carnival Ball, Street Parties and Street Bands are some of the most commonly associated phenomena with Rio Carnival.

Brazil is home to many carnivals and ceremonies around the year. The most prominent of them all is the Rio Carnival that is generally a four day gala event celebrated 40 days before the Easter and celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil.

This event carries lot of significance as it not only provides entertainment for many people around the world but it also gives a chance to learn about the true culture of Brazil. It is an event where celebrations are all round. People sing, dance and enjoy themselves.

This happens to be the benchmark against which every other carnival is compared and one of the most interesting artistic events on the earth.

Rio Carnival accommodates various events under its periphery like Samba Parade, Carnival Ball, Street Parties, Street Bands, Community Rehearsals and many more.

The Samba Schools play a major role in the merry making as they pick theme, work on lyrics and choreography for an alround entertainment of the spectators that goes as high as 500,000 every year.

The Carnival bands consist of an orchestra. The operation mode of these bands are simple but once they get going it compels the onlooker to groove with them!