11 Most Amazing Tunnels in the World

Here are some amazing tunnels of the World

1.Cheyenne Mountain Complex – USA

The mountains and their hard rock texture has stood against the human crave of wandering the earth for many centuries. The tunnels came to exist out of the need of crossing the mountains without having to climb them. The nature carved its own tunnels by the power of water and since the dawns of time people used them.

The functionality of the idea met the power of the gun powder and dynamite, and carved in the heart of the rocks impressive roads able to make our lives easier.

The recent discoveries dared to reach into the ocean and cross them with the tunnels made by the hands of men. No matter whether on land or under it, the tunnels of the world are for sure the way humans dared to challenge the nature.

List of 9 more...

2.Yerba Buena Island Tunnel – USA

3.Laerdal Tunnel – Norway

4.Zion Mount Tunnel in Utah – USA

5.Seikan Tunnel in Honshu – Japan

6.Cu Chi Tunnel – Vietnam

7.North-East MRT Tunnel – Singapore

8.MailRail – London

9.Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel in Colorado – USA

10.Path Tunnel System – Canada

11.Tokyo Bay Aqua Line - Japan