New York Then and Now

The famous New York photographer Evan Joseph ( Evan Joseph ) created a series of photographs that duplicate some photos of New York, made ​​a few decades ago. After seeing these guys shots, you can make an impression on how the city has developed over the last hundred years.

1. Union Square, 1903.

2. Union Square today.

3. Brooklyn Bridge, 1905.

4. Brooklyn Bridge today.

5. Columbus Circle, 1912.

6. Columbus Circle today.

7. The New York Stock Exchange, in 1921.

8. New York Stock Exchange today.

9. East of Manhattan, in 1930.

10. East Manhattan today.

11. Central Park, 1933.

12. Central Park today.

13. Tip of Manhattan Island, in 1935.

14. Tip of Manhattan Island today.

15. Central Station, 1941.

16. Grand Central Terminal today.

17. High Line - the line Skytrain, 1950.

18. Since 2005, the High Line park turned into an alley.

19. World Trade Center in 1976.

20. World Trade Center today.

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