World Chocolate Wonderland In Shangai

The World Chocolate Wonderland, a new theme park made entirely of chocolate has just opened in China's Shanghai on December 16. Everything on display was made from chocolate, including a replica of a life-size BMW, the ancient China's famous Terracotta Warriors and the traditional Chinese symbol of the dragon. The theme park opened its annual exhibition with a fashion show featuring ensembles made from the tasty treat. Models clad in chocolate-made costumes that looked good enough to eat, strutted the ramp.

"Chocolate can be crispy and it's not very malleable nor can you easily shape it. This time the craftsmen had added some special ingredients so it could be easily shaped. It was more practical for us. So you can see that it's soft and sticks to the fabric. It's versatile. There's chocolate on the ornament, hat and the dress," said fashion designer Lin Guodong.

A similar chocolate exhibition was held in Beijing last year drawing over a half a million chocolate hunters.

This year’s exhibit includes a Great Wall of China and an army of 500 mind blowing detailed terracotta warriors, as well as a chocolate BMW that was created out of 80 tons of Belgian chocolate. Over 200 different chocolate sculptures are on display.

The World Chocolate Wonderland will be open until February 19th, 2012.

Everything in this picture gallery is made from chocolates.